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About Innerflow

The Patented Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover was engineered and designed through necessity. The founders of Villa Olympic Inc. share an extensive amount of experience and knowledge within the HVAC industry. It is with this experience and knowledge that the Innerflow System was conceived. Prior to the existence of the Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover, other conventional air conditioner covers on the market caused more damage than good. These conventional air conditioner covers had little or no ventilation, which in turn traps warm moist condensing air causing premature rusting of the cabinet and interior components of the covered air conditioner. Another type of cover on the market covered just the top of the air conditioner, providing plenty of ventilation but no protection from the elements or flying debris. By incorporating the Patented Innerflow System on our air conditioner covers you can now have a cover that completely protects your air conditioner from top to bottom without fear of damaging condensation.

The Innerflow System has been tested and approved by most major HVAC manufacturers and along with independent laboratories has proven that when you cover your air conditioner with the Innerflow Air Conditioner Cover, your air conditioner is fully protected from harsh weather, flying debris, moisture build up and damaging condensation.

Finally an air conditioner cover that does exactly what it is designed to do ... protect the consumer's investment.

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